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How we calculate your flat price?

No hidden fees in flat rate pricing 

How we price your all inclusive move?

Have you ever completed a move only to have your movers update the invoice at the end of the job, adding more charges and leaving you with a strange feeling something wasn’t right about the experience?
volume of your items + mileage of your move + special requests & moving complexities = Flat fee.

This is how we calculate your flat fee:


We measure the volume of your move in Cubic Feet or rather the Cubic Feet of the items we are moving for you. When we quote you, we use our furniture and item calculator that estimates your move’s volume so we can accurately reserve the right size of truck and quote your move. We take a full inventory of all of your items to correctly quote your Cubic Feet.


The distance from your first location to your final destination, taking into account any stops along the way.

Special requests & Complexity

Do you have a large marble table you want to move? Are you in a pre-war walk up with stairs and tight corners? These factors will help us determine the best process for moving you and any additional man power needed during your move.

A flat price vs hourly fee and weight based fees

What’s the alternative with other moves?
When you choose an hourly or weight based moving service you would be surprised at the additional fees that can really add up.

With moving flat fee your charges are upfront and include many moving add-ons for free, as part of the one price.

Don’t risk your budget for what may look like a better price at first glance but has hidden pitfalls on the day.
With the chances of traffic in gridlock in major cities on the rise, a price based on time can easily spiral out of control.

Dangers of Hourly Fee moving service

Dangers of a Weight Fee moving service

Our flat price means no hidden surprises, ever.

We offer a guaranteed, all-inclusive flat fee, locked in before your move day. Which means the duration of your move will not impact your move price. We always include the following services at no extra charge to you.

Happy Customers, Happy Life.

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